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I’m currently working as a Design Lead for the Activation Program. Our group focuses on improving the tooling and user experience to help “move” content from our PIM to retail destinations.

Throughout 2019, in collaboration with our engineering organization, we conceptualized and started implementing the next phase of Salsify’s front-end and design cohesive language. In late 2019, Habanero, our design system, began to be widely adopted across all our features.

Prior to leading the Activation program, I partnered with our Data Insights team to improve our offering, making our insights more actionable and more deeply integrated with the platform using our Workflow features.

I also worked with our Workflow team to improve our collaboration and content iteration features. As a result, we implemented Content Diffing and Comments as core features of our offering.

My experience as a designer and someone with a deep commitment to empowering others led me to collaborate with a small group of engineers, which later on evolved into our Data Engineering Team. My most recent project with this group brought the Retail Insights product to life.


This project was built in collaboration with my partner Rolando. Sensive initially aimed to help our teams at Catchafire and ChatID have more visibility into our design processes.

By integrating with the recently released Figma API, we created a hub for our teams to see evolve our designs step by step, and on September 14th of 2018, we shared our progress with the ProductHunt community closing the day in the Top 3.

During 2019 we began to build experimental features to better gauge our reach. By the end of 2019, Sensive not only attracted users from companies such as Uber, Microsoft, and Airbnb but also began to amass a small community of early adopters in creative agencies.

Sensive nowadays is a flexible project management tool for creatives, the experience of building it has helped us understand how teams work together all over the world.

Welcome (Formerly known as ChatID)

During my almost five years at ChatID, I worked side by side with a small team and, over the next few years, was given the opportunity of becoming a key player during our expansion as a company.

My first project in 2013 involved the conceptualization of what one day would become Chatbar. This chat widget transformed our product offering and enabled our teams to demo the vision of a centralized interface for shoppers to communicate with brands.

The first version of Chatbar launched in 2014 on Newegg. This initial milestone paved the way for brands such as Samsung and Lenovo to enter our chat network and begin answering shopper questions at the moment of purchase.

During this time, we scaled our product and design teams to help iterate and simplify our product. This phase was marked by the introduction of accessibility conformance, and thanks to our UX Research Group and the Accessibility Team at Target, we were able to learn, implement and ultimately launch our product on Target.com and Walmart.com.

In late 2018, ChatID was acquired by Salsify, where we are now building the best-in-class commerce platform to power brands and the experiences they provide to their customers.

On the side, and over the years 

I often embark on side projects and partner with teams to help them build better digital products. 

Most recently, I helped Bansho bring educational video content to children. I got started with Color Engineering to help build cohesive color palettes and partnered with YoJonesy to help EPRI better catalog its content.

In the past, companies such as Memo.co, Picky (acq. by RetailMeNot), iBillionaire (acq. by Albert), and Firstmark Capital, among others, have given me the chance to help them build better digital products and reach their audiences.