I worked as a Design Lead for the Content Activation products. Our group focused on improving the tooling and user experience to help brands “move” content from our PIM to retail destinations.

Workflow Collaboration

Expanding the capabilities of Salsify's Workflow with content comparison.

Collaboration interface

Retail Insights

An interface for retail partners to access vendor data insights.



Bansho built a platform to deliver the best educational content for children while providing parents and educators with the tools to assist and empower their kids.

A partial screenshot of Bansho's app


Sensive began as an experiment to help share our work-in-progress via a stream of self-updating artboards sourced from the Figma API.

After sharing it with the Product Hunt community and finishing the day in the Top 3 products, we began to evolve our experiment to address the transparency use case we saw as an opportunity.

The tool evolved and ultimately turned into a small project management tool for creatives focusing on asset delivery.

A screenshot of Sensive's Collection index

Designing Sensive

A compilation of the UI since early 2018

Screenshot of a Sensive landing page

Welcome (Formerly known as ChatID)

During my almost five years at ChatID, I worked side by side with a small team of amazing people who helped me grow as a designer and empowered me become a key player during our expansion as a company.

In late 2018, Welcome Commerce was acquired by Salsify.

A screenshot of Chatbar's landing view

Chat Agent Console

A chat UI to help shoppers connect with the largest brands in the world.

A screenshot of ChatID's agent console anatomy


Experimental project to make ChatID available at brick and mortar locations.

Screenshot of T-Mobile Chat CTAs


A feature that encouraged brands to be more proactive by promoting their chat availability.

Screenshot of ChatAds and Chatbar on